Chapter: Should the Adhan and Iqama be pronounced when the Maghrib and Isha prayers are offered together

Hadith Number 1109


Narrated Az-Zuhri

Salim told me, "`Abdullah bin `Umar said, 'I saw Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) delaying the Maghrib prayer till he offered it along with the `Isha prayer whenever he was in a hurry during the journey.' " Salim said, "Abdullah bin `Umar used to do the same whenever he was in a hurry during the journey. After making the call for Iqama, for the Maghrib prayer he used to offer three rak`at and then perform Taslim. After waiting for a short while, he would pronounce the Iqama for the `Isha' prayer and offer two rak`at and perform Taslim. He never prayed any Nawafil in between the two prayers or after the `Isha' prayers till he got up in the middle of the night (for Tahajjud prayer)."

Hadith Number 1110


Narrated Anas bin Malik

Whenever the Prophet (ﷺ) started a journey before noon, he used to delay the Zuhr prayer till the time of `Asr and then offer them together; and if the sun declined (at noon) he used to offer the Zuhr prayer and then ride (for the journey).