Chapter: Unripe-date drink and ripe-date drink should not be mixed if it is an intoxicant, and two cooked foods should not be put in one dish

Hadith Number 5600


Narrated Anas

While I was serving Abu Talha. Abu Dujana and Abu Suhail bin Al-Baida' with a drink made from a mixture of unripe and ripe dates, alcoholic drinks, were made unlawful, whereupon I threw it away, and I was their butler and the youngest of them, and we used to consider that drink as an alcoholic drink in those days.

Hadith Number 5601


Narrated Jabir

The Prophet (ﷺ) forbade the drinking of alcoholic drinks prepared from raisins, dates, unripe dates and fresh ripe dates.

Hadith Number 5602


Narrated Abu Qatada

The Prophet (ﷺ) forbade the mixing of ripe and unripe dates and also the mixing of dates and raisins (for preparing a syrup) but the syrup of each kind of fruit should be prepared separately. ( One may have such drinks as long as it is fresh )